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Anna Antoniak's book entitled "How to heal a wounded soul?".


  • Make a graphic, illustration for a book cover, connect the graphic to the title of the book.

  • Place the book author's name, author's logo, and publication thought on the cover.

  • Add half of a heart on the right side, the other half will be on the left side of the author's second book. 

  • Breaking of the text, composition of the book, inclusion of illustrations, design everything keeping the rules of typography.


Magazine cover


Binding of the magazine for graphic designers ,,DZN''.


  • Include on the first page all authors of graphic works included in the issue.

  • List the theme and content of the publication.

  • Match everything to the established photo, the name of the monthly magazine, and the QR code. 


Slide - Fair use

One part of a presentation about copyright.

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